How to Avoid Your Card Getting Declined?

The most common causes for getting your MyPrepaidCenter Card declined.

  • The card was used for more than the available balance.
  • The card was used in a gas pump.
  • The card was not activated before use.
  • The card was used at ATM without creating a PIN.

How to use a card in a restaurant?

The balance of the card must cover the amount bill plus 20%, otherwise, it may not work. Some restaurants can require 20% more approval of the bill to take advantage of free gratuity. In this case, the transaction will be allowed if the amount of the card covers the amount up to 20%.

If your card gets declined:

  • Use the card for a smaller amount.
  • Add the balance and sign the receipt.
  • Pay the invoice amount with the second form of payment.

For example:

  • Card = $100
  • Restaurant bill = $90
  • If the card is paid for $90, it will be reduced because of a lack of funds because the system requires a permit of 108 dollars (the amount is charged + 20%).
  • The card must be used for $80, so the balance of $20 on the card.
  • Add a free balance to the card balance ($20) and sign the receipt.
  • Pay the remaining $10 payable on the original bill in cash or with another card.

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How to use MyPrepaidCenter card in a gas station?

The card will not work when used in the fuel pump. You have to go to the station to use the prepaid card.

How to use a card in the hotel?

Use the card only at the time of departure. Do not use the card to book or register. Note: Hotels often require 15% more approval of the bill to cover additional charges. The balance of the card must cover this amount, otherwise it will fall.

How can you rent a car with a card?

Use the card only if you pay your bill after the tenancy is concluded. We don‘t recommend you to use the prepaid card to make a reservation or pick up a car. This removes the card when you return the car and up to 30 days later.

What do I need to know before using an international card?

Check out the list of banned countries where the map cannot be used.

International purchases are subject to a conversion fee of up to 2% of the purchase cost. Make sure the card amount covers these fees or the card is out of order.

Chip and PIN. Well many European countries use special technology (chip and PIN or signature and chip), the prepaid card can be accepted without EMV by asking the provider to “pull the card and select credits .” If the dealer refuses, contact

The card is not accepted in self-service at certain automated payment locations such as ATMs and Tube stations, baggage control, toll roads, car parks and petrol pumps.

We hope that the guidelines provided here will help you to use your MyPrepaidCenter properly.