Check Balance & Activate Card makes it possible to check Visa or Mastercard Balance directly. There has been an increasing potential for Credit or Debit cards in the world for quite some time.

Users find the approach of using the card as a better and safer means instead of carrying cash to places.

Additionally, to support these services, there are online safe and secure portals that provide more info to its clients. This post is relating to “ – Activate Card” details using which, our readers will learn the steps to carry out the card activation.

Visit Official Site or Support

Users of the credit and debit cards in the United States mostly purchase the services from many private banks, or through approved merchants of the Blackhawk Network Holdings Inc. Hence, the users can easily navigate to their online account using the website portal.

We will help our readers with the procedure on how to activate the card and then make use of the portal for other benefits. activate card Activate Card Procedures

The company incorporates services like handling credit/debit cards, gift cards, and other preliminary banking services for the people of the United States. If you have purchased one from any of the MyPrepaidCenter merchants, then you are able to make use of the online portal services which they provide to all users.

Provides:Gift Cards, Prepaid Cards
Languages:English, Spanish
Issued By:MetaBank
Features:Instant Activation

Once the user receives the card, he/she must first activate the card by pulling in the registration of the same through the portal. It is an important procedure that you need to We will guide you through the steps for doing this. Go through the steps as given below;

  • In order to start the process, you need to access the official portal website for the service and keep your card ready for entering its details. Here is the link to the website.
  • On the right side box, you will find the blanks and card activation menu. Fill the blanks with the appropriate details like; Card number, Security code, and card validity date.
  • Then, click on the security captcha and later on “LOG IN” tab.
  • The website servers will load and direct you to the “Create Profile” page.
  • You will be able to enter your details like Name, email, card details, etc.
  • Also, you have to enter the desired username that you wish to keep and a password for your account. These credentials are significant for the purpose of signing into the portal every time you visit.
  • After completing the form, you need to submit the details.
  • Finally, a verification email is sent to you which will define that your credit/debit Master or visa card is now active.

After this, the users can make use of their Master/Visa cards s per their wish. There is a limit to the credit/debit values, so be careful of spending as per the same. Monthly payments may be rendered from regular customers with minimum dues. All the details on the remaining balance of the card are displayed through the portal.

Benefits of Activate card

Features of Portal

There are some key benefits and features that allure the users through the use of these portal services. Here are few points that will describe the same in the best context;

  • The users have access to the information of their card and the way to use it.
  • There are details relating to the payments, due dates, limit/remaining balance, etc.
  • Users can directly make payment of the due through the portal access of their banks via website.
  • Furthermore, users can manage their PIN and other details while making use of this service.
  • Also, there are various deals that the users can take advantage of, like; getting 5% cash back on the use of cards at diners, or movies, etc.

Hence, these points are plenty to show you the relevance of these details with the portal website. We hope that this post on “ – Activate Card” has been helpful to all our readers. For more info on the same, contact us here. Thank you.

How to Login into the Account?

Log in, create an account, or activate your prepaid account or Visa/MasterCard through the official website of Open all the features in my prepaid center when you save a profile.

This includes creating and managing your personal profile information, selecting and managing your account balance, creating transaction reports, and adding multiple cards to your account.

Register and Login at

If you have not activated a prepaid credit card that requires activation, your card will automatically be activated the first time you register. Log in to your account with your credit card number and expiration date, then click Log in or use your user name and password. activate card

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your user name and password.
  3. Then click Register to continue.
  4. You also activate your card or enter your card number.
  5. To activate the card, enter the card number in the right field and select the expiration date.
  6. To redeem your code points, click the Swap link to the right to enter your code.

Now, you can easily login to the account without any problem.

More Details About MyPrepaidCenter:

MyPrepaidCenter offers products from two different groups:

Wide Acceptance: These cards can be used anywhere. They are built for general use. The company optimizes them for specific requirements like social incentives, consumer actions, etc. You have your own unique product or select one of the cards with ready-made items, such as food.

If you use a prepaid card, you must monitor the balance of your card. If the card is processed by an amount exceeding the quantity available, it will be rejected. It is also important to know the limits of your cards.

You can check if you have a balance on your prepaid card and 30 business days. If you have a problem, visit my Prepaid Card FAQs page at the head office or contact the MyPrepaidCenter support directly.

How to Avoid Your Card Getting Declined?

The most common causes for getting your MyPrepaidCenter Card declined.

  • The card was used for more than the available balance.
  • The card was used in a gas pump.
  • The card was not activated before use.
  • The card was used at ATM without creating a PIN.

How to use a card in a restaurant?

The balance of the card must cover the amount bill plus 20%, otherwise, it may not work. Some restaurants can require 20% more approval of the bill to take advantage of free gratuity. In this case, the transaction will be allowed if the amount of the card covers the amount up to 20%.

If your card gets declined:

  • Use the card for a smaller amount.
  • Add the balance and sign the receipt.
  • Pay the invoice amount with the second form of payment.

For example:

  • Card = $100
  • Restaurant bill = $90
  • If the card is paid for $90, it will be reduced because of a lack of funds because the system requires a permit of 108 dollars (the amount is charged + 20%).
  • The card must be used for $80, so the balance of $20 on the card.
  • Add a free balance to the card balance ($20) and sign the receipt.
  • Pay the remaining $10 payable on the original bill in cash or with another card.

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How to use MyPrepaidCenter card in a gas station?

The card will not work when used in the fuel pump. You have to go to the station to use the prepaid card.

How to use a card in the hotel?

Use the card only at the time of departure. Do not use the card to book or register. Note: Hotels often require 15% more approval of the bill to cover additional charges. The balance of the card must cover this amount, otherwise it will fall.

How can you rent a car with a card?

Use the card only if you pay your bill after the tenancy is concluded. We don‘t recommend you to use the prepaid card to make a reservation or pick up a car. This removes the card when you return the car and up to 30 days later.

What do I need to know before using an international card?

Check out the list of banned countries where the map cannot be used.

International purchases are subject to a conversion fee of up to 2% of the purchase cost. Make sure the card amount covers these fees or the card is out of order.

Chip and PIN. Well many European countries use special technology (chip and PIN or signature and chip), the prepaid card can be accepted without EMV by asking the provider to “pull the card and select credits .” If the dealer refuses, contact

The card is not accepted in self-service at certain automated payment locations such as ATMs and Tube stations, baggage control, toll roads, car parks and petrol pumps.

We hope that the guidelines provided here will help you to use your MyPrepaidCenter properly.

How & Where to Use Your Card

If you want to know how to use MyPrepaidCenter Card then we have listed out all the necessary information along with guide below.

Where can you use the card?

The Visa card with access to the ATM can be used wherever Visa cards are accepted, except for petrol pumps.

What do you mean by the current balance of the card?

  • Log in to see your Prepaid Card balance.
  • Use only the available balance or less
  • The card can be used only for the current available balance or less.
  • If the purchase amount exceeds the card value, check if you are using different payment methods below.

Why do I receive this card?

You have received this prepaid loyalty card because you have participated in a loyalty program, pricing, promotion or discounts. For more information, contact the program administrator.

Using multiple payment methods

It is advisable to use the MyPrepaidCenter Card at last when you use more than one payment method, which means that the amount owed is matched to or less than the credit card balance.

Does the card ever gets expired?

The important thing to note is that the start date of the card is written on the front side of the prepaid card. After the expiration date, the card will be canceled and can never be replaced.

The card is no longer accepted by the participating dealers, and any value that remains after the expiration can‘t be used. The card expires in the United States at midnight. Provided on the front of the card on the last day of the month.

Can I use the card at the ATM Machine?

For sure, after logging in to the official website, click Set pin at the top of the website to select the PIN code used by the ATM network. When you request information from ATM, select the indicator report, not a savings account. In the case of ATM rates and limitations, read the card holder’s contract on the home page.

What Do You need to know before buying anything on the Internet?

If your name is not on the front side of the card, you should contact the Customer service department at the phone on the back of the card and register the prepaid card before using it on the Internet. Seller will use this information to confirm purchase.

In general, the balance of the prepaid card must include the total amount of the purchase, as most online vendors do not allow multiple payment methods. If you have problems with your order, please contact the seller’s customer service.

Where can I find the 3-digit code needed for internet purchases?

On the back side of MyPrepaidCenter Card.

Extra Information:

Authorizations for the following service industries (outlets, bars, hotels, saloons, spas, transportation uses, car rental, and cruise lines, among others) may be 20% higher than the purchase price to cover the fee for free or of another kind. The purchase will be accepted if the balance on the card includes the amount of the transaction up to a maximum of 20%.

Note the card number and customer support on the back of the card. This information will be necessary in case of loss or theft of the card.

Can I use a recurring payment card?

Cards cannot be used for recurring costs, such as ongoing subscriptions or monthly subscriptions.