How to Login into the Account?

Log in, create an account, or activate your prepaid account or Visa/MasterCard through the official website of Open all the features in my prepaid center when you save a profile.

This includes creating and managing your personal profile information, selecting and managing your account balance, creating transaction reports, and adding multiple cards to your account.

Register and Login at

If you have not activated a prepaid credit card that requires activation, your card will automatically be activated the first time you register. Log in to your account with your credit card number and expiration date, then click Log in or use your user name and password. activate card

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your user name and password.
  3. Then click Register to continue.
  4. You also activate your card or enter your card number.
  5. To activate the card, enter the card number in the right field and select the expiration date.
  6. To redeem your code points, click the Swap link to the right to enter your code.

Now, you can easily login to the account without any problem.

More Details About MyPrepaidCenter:

MyPrepaidCenter offers products from two different groups:

Wide Acceptance: These cards can be used anywhere. They are built for general use. The company optimizes them for specific requirements like social incentives, consumer actions, etc. You have your own unique product or select one of the cards with ready-made items, such as food.

If you use a prepaid card, you must monitor the balance of your card. If the card is processed by an amount exceeding the quantity available, it will be rejected. It is also important to know the limits of your cards.

You can check if you have a balance on your prepaid card and 30 business days. If you have a problem, visit my Prepaid Card FAQs page at the head office or contact the MyPrepaidCenter support directly.