Privacy Policy

Introduction and scope of practices.

In these online and mobile privacy practices, “Blackhawk” (or “our”, “our” or “our”) means that all US subsidiaries of Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc. include, but are not limited to,, Inc., Blackhawk, California, Inc. and Cardpool, Inc.

These practices refer to your interactions with Blackhawk on a web site or an online or mobile application that we own and control which other practices are placed on a particular web site or are available to you Available and that your needs make the general sale in. Such practices are thus replaced.

In addition to these practices, other privacy policies may apply. For example, the US Privacy Policy applies to all US consumers and consumers. For US account holders and visitors to this Web site, we use and share all information we collect from you or your subject in accordance with the Blackhawk Privacy Policy.

These practices explain how websites can collect, use, and share information about you. You also state that some data uses the resources of our online advertisements (such as advertisements) on third-party websites.

Please note that any other type of presence on a third-party website (such as a page or a social network site identifier) does not apply to their privacy policy and terms of use. Our rules, unless otherwise stated. By using this website you accept these practices.

Types of information we collect.

Personally identifiable information (“personal identification”). Personally identifiable information, including name, address, telephone number, mobile or fax number, bank account numbers, social security number or another identification number, etc.

Other information (“OI”).

IO in all information, with the exception of personal identification, which does not reveal your identity or is directly related to a person, such as: Information about the browser, information collected by cookies, invisible pixels or other technologies, demographics.

How do we collect personal information online?

We collect IDs online when you provide them. This can happen when you complete requests, create accounts, submit forms, conduct searches, or enter multiple online fields on our sites. Third parties do not collect any identification about you or your activities through our websites.

How do we use the personal information we collect online?

We may use our online identification for legitimate purposes, including: Risk management, detection and prevention of fraud, compliance with laws and regulations and compliance with other legal and regulatory procedures. For commercial purposes, including data analysis, testing, development and improvement of products and services, website improvement, determination of usage trends and determination of effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Through our social networking sites and our interactions with you, you can verify your identity and the status of your account.

We can combine this information with the information we already have.

Uses various features of the site.

Note that some features require the use of identification tools (eg many features on, others do not (eg GoWallet application functionality). Some information that you post on our websites should be stored for future reference.

  • You have the option of not saving the information.
  • Send marketing news that we believe may interest you.
  • Customize your website by viewing custom content, ads, or offers.
  • To answer your questions and to meet your needs;
  • To send you important information about the Site, changes to the Terms, Conditions and Policies and / or other management information;
  • To verify your identity and / or location to gain access to your accounts, conduct online transactions and take steps to prevent fraud and protect the security of your account and identifiers.

If you have any doubt about this policy then please contact us.